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Leadership Counselor, Strategist, Spark.
Since 2005.
Ich bin erst zufrieden, wenn ich begeistert bin.
ralf schwartz

talk/tank: Drop-dead simple ad hoc Solutions!
talk/tank makes you leave your comfort zone, shifts paradigms, and lets you see the wood for the trees again.


You know that feeling: everybody delivers just THEIR answers, nobody answers YOUR questions:

> What Difference Do We Make?
> What Value Do We Create?
> Why would anybody Miss Us?


We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

To add value to the corporation you will have to create
true solutions, virtues & values for the individual again.

(The corporate minds must finally outgrow themselves
and courageously live entrepreneurial independence,
brilliance & relevance
. - A paradigm shift is overdue.)

You need answers, no hogwash. You need to see the
wood for the trees again
. You need a new perspective.
You need drop-dead simple and distinctive solutions.

Sometimes Innovation just means
doing stuff right for the 1st time.

ralf schwartz

We just add an hour or two of mental wealth to your
thinking - over lunch or dinner, or a walk in the park ...
We talk. We discuss. We might even argue a little bit.

It’s the Human Friction that Makes the Sparks.
Jonah Lehrer

We add a Beginner's Mind - and crystal clear thinking.
We add perspective, pattern recognition, philosophy.
We avoid the shallows of daily business. We reframe.
We find answers, identify quick wins, solve problems.

And you will get drop-dead simple and distinctive solutions.

Fast is fine, but Accuracy is everything.
Wyatt Earp

Via Distinctive Leadership you grow more ...
efficient, productive, individual, intuitive, empathic, effective,
creative, innovative, visionary, happy, inspiring, engaging,
relevant, distinctive, valuable, ... sustainably successful.

Your Investment?

Just give me a call!

Your investment will be a fair share of your success
- a 2hrs talk/tank session starts at 2.500 Euro.

All investments plus expenses and VAT. Thank you.

email : ralf.schwartz at rsc.cc
phone : +49 (0)170 / 20 20 701

Distinctive Leadership Manifesto - 2005

I would like us to stop making sense.
I would like us to make a difference finally.

I would like us to outgrow ourselves and inspire the
world - for the good, benefit, and wealth of
our surroundings and ourselves, ie:

I would like us to grow courageously independent and
perfect our individual talents and vision. I would like us to
take ourselves seriously - but not all-too important.

I would like us to become a spark - and leave a mark.

I would like us to value brilliance over instant gratification.
I would like us to curiously question everything
- instead of knowing all the answers.
I would like us to long for knowledge in abundance.

I would like us to make ourselves truly redundant.

I would like us to grow relevant. I would like us to
stop surfing every fad we stumble upon. I would like us to
stop looking for distractions, but to wisely create solutions.

I would like us to intuitively live Distinctive Leadership
- as an Individual, a Brand, or a Business.
[Outgrow Yourself, Inspire the World!]

> What Difference Do You Make?
> What Value Do You Create?
> Why would anybody Miss You?

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